John Taylor

John Taylor is an English boy. He can speak English very well, because English is his native language. John can speak French a little, because he studies this language at school. He works hard at his French, because he wants to know this language very v/ell. John cannot speak German at all, but he can read a little and understand German.
John likes his school. He never misses his lessons and he is never late. He is always sorry when he can't go to school.
Today John can't go to school. He can't get up, because he is ill. He must lie in bed.
Mother: John, why are you lying in bed? You must get up. It is a quarter past eight. You must go to school.
John: I can't get up, Mother. I'm hot and weak.
Mother: Oh, John, you are ill. I am afraid we must call the doctor.
John: Must I go to the hospital, Mother?
Mother: No, you needn't. You must stay in bed. The doctor must give you some medicine.
(The doctor comes.)
Mother: When can John get up and go to school?
The doctor: The boy can get up after two days. He must take this medicine three times a day.
John: May I read a book?
Mother: No, you can't. Take the medicine and rest a little.