А trip to London

Last summer my classmates and I went to Great Britain for a holiday. We lived in the host-families in the suburbs of London.

We didn't go to England only for pleasure. We were learning English there. We had classes of English five days a week three hours a day. Our English teacher gave us classes of English at architecture and Salvador Dali's paintings I made up my mind western Europe from the seventh to the third centuries BC. There were three big waves of the Celts, who settled in different parts of Europe. One great part of them settled in France, others peopled the Balkans, others resided in Spain. Celtic tribes had many names, some of them became the names of the territory, where they settled. For example, Brythons, who settled on the island, gave it their name. Celtic tribes had their customs and traditions. They made sacrifies to their gods to be protected by them. Celtic tribes had a complex hierarchy of priests.

Finishing off my topic, I want to say that we know very little about Celtic and Iberian religion, but I like the period. It is very interesting to read about Celts using fragmentary sources.