The twentieth century events

The twentieth century was the century of ideology, of the competition of socialism, communism, liberalism, authoritarianism, fascism, democracy. The twentieth century was the bloodiest and most tragic in the human history. It was the century of destruction and innovation at the same time. Assassinations in Sarajevo in 1914 lit a spark that set off an unprecedented explosion of destruction and death. The Great War did more than devastated a generation of Europeans. It set the tone the political, moral and intellectual temper for much that followed.

Before long the Great War received a new name - World War I. The roaring 1920s and the Depression years of the 1930s proved to be merely a prelude to World War II.

But civilization was not crushed by the two great wars, and the ruins provided the stimulus to build away of life again. The citizens of the 20th century felt free to reinvent themselves.

Two Great World Wars arid the dropping of A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki took millions of human lives. Due to science, industry and philosophy, mankind's steps had at last been guided up the right path. Inventions like TV, outer space rockets, computer and the Internet enabled people to get on with their ordinary lives a little more conveniently. In the 20th century people witnessed more change in their daily existence and environment than anyone else who had ever walked the planet.