The ways of exploring the world

Ways of exploring change in the course of time. Previously they were confined to reading books and meeting other people. For centuries the poorly developed transport did not allow people to travel freely. Although technical progress of today has made our planet a small world, books remain our main guide into the world of the unknown. They help people to learn about the world. They recount about a lot of things and events of the past, the present and the future. Nowadays young people derive information about arts and sciences not only from books but from the Internet as well. The Internet is the wonder of our time. With its help people get any information they need. The Internet, the global communication system, breaks the traditional notions of space and time. People can move anywhere they want in a twinkle of an eye. TV, radio and newspapers also help people to explore the world. The most ancient way of exploring the world is travelling. But unlike in the past today people travel far more than they ever used to. It is very useful to visit new places and meet new people. Travelling is the best way of learning foreign languages. Travelling is my favourite way of exploring the world. I think that the most impressive was the trip to Great Britain a year ago.