The scientific and technological progress of the 20-th century has allowed people to overcome time and distance, to cover in the twinkle of an eye vast expanse of our planet. The whole world is open now. The limits and frontiers of the previous period have stopped to exist.

We can choose any place on the planet and go there on business or for holiday. We can go to the place of our destination by sea, and by air. We can travel by train.

If you want to get somewhere as quickly as possible the best way is to travel by air. It is better to book tickets in advance. On the appointed day you go to the airport by car. Soon you'll board the big, air-liner and it will carry you to new lands. When on the plane you may look about. In front of you in the cockpit you'll see a pilot and his crew. Some of the passengers are reclining in comfortable armchairs. There is a kitchenette in the rear part of the plane where the stewardesses are cooking. Presently we take off and in a few minutes the voice informs us about the altitude we are flying. Sometimes it is possible to see the land. It is like a geographical map. Our plane is due to arrive in eight hours. Time passes quickly. The plane arrives at the airport in time.

There are other ways of travelling. If you are an adventurer you can travel by hitch-hiking, bicycles, or on horseback.


Coach tours are not expensive and I like them very much. They are planned as holidays and there is a chance to do a lot of sightseeing and have a good rest at the same time. Last year I went by coach through a few countries and enjoyed the tour very much.

During the ten-day holiday we visited the Hungary, Austria and Italy. Sightseeing was combined with rest. For a few days we stayed at sortie lovely small hotels. There was no trouble with the luggage because it was taken care of at every night stop. Moreover hotels were carefully selected and booked in advance,