Russian pupils have four holidays a year. The academic year is split into four terms. Autumn vacation and spring vacation are very short. They last only a week each. But it is quite enough for my classmates and me to go somewhere and have a good time. We usually go to a holiday-house or to another city for a change.

Winter vacation lasts two weeks. It is a good time for skating, skiing and hockey-playing. During my winter vacation I like to go the cinema, theatre, visit museums and art galleries, attend musical and concert halls.

Summer vacation is the longest one. It lasts three months. In summer I have so much free time that I can do a lot of things. I can have a rest in the country, go on excursions and travel.

Usually in June and July I go to the country. There we have a little cottage. I work in the garden, go to the forest, swim in the lake, ride a bicycle and play different games with my friends.

In August my parents and I go on a long journey. We like to visit ancient Russian cities. Sometimes we go to the sea-side. As for me I prefer boat trips. Usually we go to Astrakhan or St. Petersburg by train and return by boat. The boat drops an anchor at every town on the way to Moscow. We usually go out on shore, go on an excursion for an hour or two. We visit the places of interest and have a chance to learn more about the history of this or that town or place. I enjoy such trips very much.