When England was divided into different kingdoms Queen Boadicea ruled one of them. She is still remembered in England for her bravery and heroism. The war Boadicea fought was against the Romans. Britain was a Roman province from the first century AD until the beginning of the fifth century. The area occupied by the Romans covered south, east, and midland Britain. The Roman army was conquering the rest of the country during Boadicea's reign, and she resisted. The Roman soldiers were better equipped and trained than Boadicea's men. But she was a resolute leader and encouraged her soldiers to fight.

At first Boadicea was successful, her army held and even drove back the Roman armies. The Romans were anxious to catch her, and finally they did it. Boadicea and her men were surrounded, and had to surrender. Queen Boadicea faced the prospect of becoming prisoner of the Romans. It did not only hurt her pride as queen, to have to admit defeat, but she had another problem. She had two daughters who had been with her during the fighting, and she knew they couldn't expect mercy from the Roman soldiers when they were finally caught. She decided that death would be better for her and her daughters than the dishonour. According to the chronicles she gave them poison and then took it herself. When the Roman soldiers reached her, she was dead.

Queen Boadicea was not able to keep the Romans out of her kingdom. But she was courageous, and her story, unusual even for those days of continuous war, is still taken to heart by the people.