A visit to the concert hall

I'm fond of music and whenever I have some free time I go to the Concert Hall.

There are a lot of concert halls in our country. Our people are very keen on music. That is why whenever I go to the concert, the hall is always full of people.

As I take a special liking to classical music, I try not to miss solo concerts or symphonic orchestras by the conductors. I like both piano and violin concerts. I like the violin too. My sister has a good ear for music, she goes to school for violin lessons. She accompanies me all the time when I go to the conservatoire or to the concert hall. We enjoy music very much.

But sometimes we go to the cinema. The usual cinema performance consists of a feature film, a newsreel and some shorts. The short is a two or three reel film; it may be a popular science film, a travelogue, a comedy or an animated cartoon film. Sometimes a travelogue or a documentary is the main item of the programme. We, my sister and I, prefer to go to the cinema at the week-ends. I am not a film-fan. I don't like serial films or screen versions. I seldom go to the cinema, I go there only when the film is worth seeing.