Mobile phone etiquette

Cell-phone etiquette is really just common courtesy. Most people today have a mobile phone. In fact, many people can’t imagine how they ever got along without a portable phone. However, many people also complain about cell phone users. People complain about other people loudly discussing personal matters in public places. They complain when cell phones ring in movie theaters and concert halls. They complain about people driving too slow, and not paying attention to where they are going because they are talking on a cell phone. And they complain about people walking around talking to people who aren’t there.

Whenever a new communications technology becomes popular, it changes the way society is organized. Society has to invent rules for the polite way to use the new devices. Our social etiquette, our rules of politeness for cell phones, is still evolving.

Cell-phone etiquette apply to most public places. Always try to keep your phone ringer as low as possible or put your mobile phone on vibrate, so it does not distract the people around you. A good time to leave your phone at home, or at least in the car, would be at a funeral, wedding or some event along those lines.

Basic Cell phone etiquette rules include :

Switching it Off :Know when to turn it off or vibrate it. e.g. meetings, movies, worship, seminars, etc .Vibrate mode when in places where you can take a call, but don’t want to disturb others.

Be Brief : When you get a call and you’re with friends, keep the call short.

Permission : Often, it is correct etiquette to inform others at the beginning of the meeting that you are expecting an important call and get their permission.

Be Polite : Don’t scream : speak in a lower-than-normal voice, you will be heard by the caller, and not others in the room

Don’t Distract : Avoid talking where you may be distracting to others.

Driving : It is not only very dangerous, but also unlawful in most countries (even India) to drive & talk on your cell Phone.