My hobby


Hobby is a special interest that people do in their free time. Everybody has his/her own hobby.

As for me I prefer reading poems and short stories. I believe that fiction literature is one of he best ways of expressing feelings and thoughts. They usually mean more if they are raised to the level of art.

I am fond of piano playing and guitar playing too. I finished musical school two years ago. I am extremely fond of all kinds of dancing: from hip-hop to classical ballet. That is why I often attend different theatres and rap-discos.

Sports play an important part in my life. I am an amateur roller-skater. Once a week I take aerobic classes just to keep fit. Diving is the kind of sports I like best.

I belong to such kind of people who always need changes and new impressions. From this fact it follows that the range of my hobbies is wide. In the nearest future I want to take up horse-riding, parachute-jumping, and mountain skiing.


My hobby is painting and drawing. I have finished art school and now I paint and draw in my free time. I depict things that have impressed me deeply: beautiful flowers, poetic landscapes, ancient ruins. I like to paint portraits as well. It is very important to catch a person in a moment of action, feeling, perception and record that moment with unerring strokes. Only geniuses are blessed with this gift. Sometimes I create decorative compositions, large in scale and bright in colour. I paint on canvas and draw on paper. I work in oil and watercolour, pencil and pastel. For me painting is a means to understand the beauty and harmony of the surrounding world, a way to express my own emotions, feelings and perception of life.

It is important for me to study the artistic heritage of great painters. That is why I like to visit museums and art galleries. My favourite painters are Vincent Van Gogh and Victor Borisov - Musatov.

Painting is not the only hobby of mine. I read a lot of books. One of my favourite writers is R.R. Tolkien. In my free time I like to listen to music. Classical music is my favourite one.