The problems of the youth and unemployment

All people have problems because there are a lot of good and bad things in our life. I think that our life is like a zebra, with black and white stripes. Young people have many problems as they grow up. The first problem of teenagers is the choice of a true friend who would meet the proverb "A friend in need is a friend indeed." I think it is so. I prefer to make friends with kind and sincere persons. As time passes I change my opinion of my friends, interests, tastes and aims. With every year it is more and more difficult to find a true friend who can understand and help me. I think that young people have problems with their parents. The problems are caused by different tastes in music, films, books. I am lucky not to have such problems with my parents. They always understand me and are ready to help me. I think that the most important problem of teenagers is getting good education that will allow them to have a good profession that will permit them to buy a car, an apartment or a house of their own in the future. All these will be in the future. And it is impossible to enter any university to get a prestigious profession without good knowledge. But today teenagers want to go to the theatres, to visit foreign countries, to eat what they want, to buy books, to dress well. To solve these problems they have to earn money. That is why today some teenagers wash cars, sell newspapers. If a young person graduates from the University and has a prestigious profession and knows two or three foreign languages there is a chance for him/her to have a good job. We do have some problems but we are sure to solve them in a proper way.