The role of the mass media in our life


We can not imagine our life without mass media. Our Information Age is determined in many respects by the mass media. The mass media do not only spread the news, they impose certain values on contemporary men. The received information moulds the way of people's thinking. Sometimes information given by television, radio, newspapers and the Internet is contradictory and man must decide which one is more reliable.

Previously it took news months to travel from one country to another; today it takes it only several seconds. People started to get news comparatively quickly with the appearance of newspapers. Newspapers are very important for a contemporary man. The choice of the newspapers is wide. Now all newspapers are classified into two groups; quality and popular. Quality newspapers are serious national papers intended for educated readers. Popular newspapers are tabloid, they are designed for common readers. Radio became widely used during World War I. At the turn of the 20th century TV became part of people's daily life. TV offers to its viewers current affairs programs, cultural programs, chat shows, sports programs, etc. It informs, educates and entertains men. The Internet is the recent innovation. It has broken the traditional frontiers and helps people to establish contacts. Due to the Internet I have found a lot friends in different countries, I have visited the greatest world museums and art galleries without leaving my apartment. The Internet is turning our planet into a global village.

To have a comprehensive picture of what is going on, people must watch TV programmes, read newspapers and magazines, use the Internet, but do it selectively.


Nowadays the mass media have become daily and essential necessity with contemporary men. The mass media report about various aspects of life, they form and affect public opinion.

The mass media comprise newspapers, radio, TV and the Internet. In this or that form the mass media come into every home.

The Internet was created in 1983. Since that time it has grown beyond its largely academic origin into an increasingly commercial and popular medium. The Internet connects many computer networks. The Internet has connected millions of computers throughout the world.

Newspaper are usually issued daily, weekly, or at other regular times. They provide news, views, features, and other information of public interest and often carry advertising. The first English printed news book the "Weekly News" appeared in London in 1621. In 1771 Parliament agave journalists the right to report its proceedings. Newspapers come out to provide their readers with fresh news. Today people have a chance to have full information about political, economic and cultural events in their own country and abroad.

Radio appeared earlier than TV. In 1901 ah Italian physicist named Guglielrno Marconi received wireless telegraphic messages sent from Cornwall to Newfoundland. It was hailed as a triumph. Radio underwent rapid improvement in the period before World War II. Today there are a lot of radio stations of many different types and so much variety. Talk shows and music programmes with disc jockeys are very popular.

Now almost every family in the civilised world has a TV set. Television plays an important role in our society, not only as an entertainer and informant, but also because of the grip it has on many people. Television channels easily go into people's home taking in their time and life.